The works of Julien Rivoire.
Art Director & 3D Artist
from France.



︎︎︎ Hi! My name is Julien Rivoire. I’m french Art Director and 3D Artist.
I worked as a Graphic Designer for more than 10 years before I (almost) totally shifted to 3D in 2017.

And a little bit about my work:

I enjoy creating satisfying animations that you'll want to watch for hours as well as creating fantastical objects — or improbable combinations of well-known brands — that most likely (I hope) exist in another dimension.

My artworks are usually influenced by the toys, technology, or pop culture objects I had or wanted to have as a kid. In order to create visuals that one wants to feel, touch, or even eat, I attempt to infuse the viewer with a delightful sense of nostalgia.

I love to create images I’d like to have on my walls. Design objects I’d love to use or play with.  I love clever design and beautiful objects. I’m obsessed with tiny, realistic details. I love shadows, volumes and light reflections. I try to portray my subjects at their best.
I like to make my artworks engaging, heartwarming and preferably, with a twist.

︎︎︎ Since 2021, I’ve also been working on a Crypto Art collection called Transmissions909, which combines Generative Art and 3D to explore some of my favorite themes: Science Fiction, British Rave Culture, and Post-Modernism in 90’s Graphic Design.

︎︎︎ My clients include: Ledger, Louis Vuitton, Nike, Devialet, Dropbox, Arturia, Erborian...

︎︎︎ I work with Cinema 4D and both Octane and Redshift.
I also use Fusion 360, Photoshop and Illustrator on a daily basis.

Here are some interviews:
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“Julien Rivoire is a France-based art director and 3D artist who makes everything from imagined retro tech gadgets to soothing, looping animations that provide a visual oasis from your Instagram feed” — The Verge, 2019

︎︎︎ Any questions?
Send me an email at julienrivoireworks (at) gmail.com

All work © Julien Rivoire 2023